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What you are actually doing and what you want to do in your life, these are the two terms that you would definitely hear from one another.
But what do these mean. Are we only set to hear what others say or we need to take some action.
By the time we realize that whatever we have been working for was just for the sake of the that money that used to get credited in our bank account every month, What if I had stopped following those dreams and started following my own passion, amount of money I would get out of it never matters, what matters is the specific amount of courage that was actually required to accomplish some dreams at some time in life.

Think yourself craving for some superbike but you do not have the money to buy it in your young days and by the time you turn old like 60 years or more and manage to become a multi-millionaire then there won’t be a much impact of buying that big bike or the car because that time has gone when you actually required that money to own that car ans accomplish your dream. Money is always associated with time and nothing else. Majority of world’s successful people had less or even no money when it was required the most in their life in order to complete their studies and some other tasks. Had they got money at that time then it would definitely have changes their whole life.

Is this money so important? And the answer is YES.

At the end of your life you definitely wouldn’t want to regret that you couldn’t life a life that you wanted to live, but lived a life that others wanted you to live.

At the very end I would say that money is the by-product of your work and if your work involves your passion then nothing in this world can stop you from making the best out of your work and yes at that time the work will itself give you more pleasure than anything else and at that time you would even care less for money because you won’t be able to stop the flow of it.

Money is something which comes and goes in its own flow. So follow your passion and see what’s the best thing that you can do in order to make it big out of your work.

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