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These days we can evetually see a lot of “The .com startups”. Well there is no paucity of this. But the place most of these are heading to are the Application launch and once they do so, they tend all the possible tactics to persuade and finally convince the new user s to start installing their apps.

Well the most common example of the above is the “Wechat”, which is developed by a chinese company and well it is spending a way too much on the advertisement and the other things that follows the path to the app store.

The other being the facebook’s messenger. Well a need and a trick for the users to prompt people to install the application so becomes the only way to send a message to their facebook friend. But that’s not all. They tend to make the people realize that the they need to install this app otherwise earthquake will happen(not really)!.. Well they what they actually want is that there should not be any other app in the world where people can chat and send messages to the other people and that’s a messenger and the other being the WhatsApp that they bought for some $19 billion only. What they were more focussed about was to create the exclusivity in internet environment.

What if I launch a company and don’t actually lauch an app but a website which is light enough and will handle all the stuff and by not putting a load of two to three applications on the phone because today we get to install every second app that we find may come in handy in future. Well in the other case a person will be given a domain to bookmark and every time when the person goes live about the website, his/her work will load on the web browser. This might work slow for those heavy website but for the apps like facebook and its messenger, if we do not want a voice call on internet then this will not only help the user ideally but also reduce the load on the device and will give a smooth experience.

For the startups who are new into the techincal side, I would say creating an app with a browser which opens your website and stores all the relative data will come in handy both ways, either phone or the user experience. People will install the application but do not think a moment before un-installing the app and very rare the chances become that they are going to install it again unless you provide some real exclusivity.

So if the thing is X-factor then guys you should probably work on the x-factor not the default path of just launching the app.

We will be updating the next part of our previous post Increase Internet Presence. By the time stay tuned, stay inquisitive !

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