Poverty and our part to it

Hi there this is vishal and this time I am talking about something random. Today I will be talking about poverty and our part to it. I was thinking about something like what if we share a 10th part of our income to someone or a group or family in need who might need that resource to start their lives or we can say can change their lives being a turning point, otherwise as a one time happiness it could give to at least a 1 out of 5 person a hope that “yes, I can change the scenario”, and we as humans have a natural habit of imitating things that we experience in our vicinity, as we become educated to work, we work to earn food and living and we eat to keep ourselves alive, ans yes we are taught each and every bit of it by our parents and guardians. So why can’t we take a step forward to just give a start to the lives of those youngsters who are living with no motivation and motive at the same time.

Everytime we think that we haven’t got enough resource so as to start sharing it but yes if the other person has changed his/her mind then who are we to persuade them to do something for the benefit of those in need. They might be or might not be calling you for that but one thing that I witnessed in a movie(a story) that why do we waste litre of milk in temples if it can be used to kill the hunger of  a person who doesn’t have the resource to buy that part. That’s  more that anything that (s)he could ask for a day. Since we have got enough as per our requirements and if we are satisfied enough our part and still continuously working on the same to increase its by major %, then dude, the time has come that sharing a small part of it that poor person can give him/her a sense of hope.

Who are we to blame the government, who are we to blame the fate. What actually has been give to each one of us is something what forms a population of around 7 billion, why don’t we together come forward and take a step further for the benefit of our youngsters for whom opportunities are waiting , just right path is required. Won’t it give us the sense of ultimate satisfaction as our help has made it possible for someone to become a well educated/skilled and self dependent person and ultimately there are more odds in the favour that the same person will definitely help someone who is seeking help or is not on the right path.

We individually  has enough resource and knowledge that can be used to enhance that life of at least one kid or someone in need. And I personally feel that one day this will be definitely diminished but for that a initiative is required.

P.S. – You don’t have to be a billionaire first in order to start donating or serving for directly thousands. Just start from a person whoever seems to be in need. That would be better than doing nothing plus scolding the system. We have got answers to our own problems.

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