How perception creates values

Right from our childhood days we are used to accept the things as facts irrespective of its credibility and at times no second thought condition being it suffices our needs and greed as well.

By the time we grew, the phases of teenage, transformation of a school kid to a college adult and further as professionals, we tend to realize the world is not the same as we use to see it, the so called “comfort zone”  had been allowing us to see the things we want to from a considerable distances with its changes not acknowledged into our traits. Things become more and “more clear” when we live in that zone and become a part of the aroma that could never be sensed from the parting distance.

Th Over the time as a student, value of being a professional seemed to be a life of “study-free” where we will be paid for the work unlike studies etc. This is how perception creates the value as when the same person becomes a professional and feels the aroma, realizes the work stress, performance graph, competition, no chance of human error which at times were neglected and pardoned. The perception here takes a 180° turn and past memories of college life busts the stress  at times. Now the value of the same professionalism is now the motivation for the future success and promotions since here as well the perception is creating the values for the upcoming “tags” which may be a success with thorns and bushes as the joy of “better” wouldn’t allow the perception to change and thus the values running after it and so on.

P.S : Due to the shortage of time, I would update the post in same chronology, by the time keep thinking and comment below with your suggestions and past experiences.
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