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So here in this post let’s just keep it that simple so that everyone will easily understand what they are reading in no time and coming to the topic, here we will come to know to how we actually create our presence on the internet. 

When I started my this blog and the website, I was not really ranked in the results of the google search and what generally kept me aligned is the updation of the website and in the half way around google has done the job easier for us by providing the webmasters tools and google keywords tool .

The google webmasters tool will actually ask you to submit the sitemap of the website and other relavant details and a tracking html code to confirm that it’s your website. 

The second is the google keywords tool which generally helps in creating different keywords according to the name and the rest is your work to the success which makes you go ahead. The content is the kind afterwards which will let you listed on the internet and more the exclusivity in your content, the more you will be indexed properly in the search engines.

Now if I come to the basics of the search engine then it is nothing but an algorithm that has some pattern and that’s it. you might be wondering what it this, but for some of my non technical fellas, this is a path which required you to steer your car according to the curves that it serves and that’s what is going to help you  reach the destiny. Following that pattern in the algorithm will add to our easiness and refinement of the results. 

Stay tuned for the next post and I will be posting it soon about the same.


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