Don’t complain then

People often complaint that they are not lucky as they did not get that destiny that they’ve aimed at and end up getting nothing.
Well there has to be luck that defines you and each and everyone of us.

You may feel yourself lucky if you have got meals 3 times a day without doing anything and this is the life that many other people craving for 1 meal, expect and dream of. Are they unlucky, Well you can say yes and no.
Yes- for those who just want to blame the luck,
No- for those who can change the way they live.

From above I am not talking about the sudden change in the lifestyle but long term change.

Everybody has got 24 hours and out of this we are left with actual 17-18 hours a day in which we can do anything.
1. We can blame.
2. We can sleep again.
3. We can think and dream.
4. last but not the least, we can actually start doing instead of postponing to the other day.
5. Repeat 4th.

Yeah, In order to get to live the life like those 1-2% ┬ápeople live, then you have to pay your work dues, and yes without expecting something static. You might get more or less, but you would not have to blame anyone by then because you will know that if you haven’t achieved in your life then the game is not over.

Keep up, you won’t get the life of a human once again.
Find what you love doing, get into it, polish your skills, perform and you are done!

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