How to control emotions at work with priority


This is a very serious topic as this may change the way you used to be into several things be it work, college, internship, sports, etc. depending upon emotions at work. Due to increasing population and connectivity and other facilities, there’s an increased competition over the last decade in every other field.

what is competition all about ?

Well I have worked as a software developer in a MNC and there I got a chance to see each and every aspect of the technology. Obviously, I was not alone and everyone was getting the same exposure that I could get. Since the race is for the better performance, promotions and in our case chances of onsite projects abroad that would lure the engineers to make more out of  what they can.

This is very much common to all the careers be it cricket, again I had been into cricket like most of the players, everyone would get at a time slot for practice due to limited time and practice nets available. Since it is available for all, everyone would be getting the same exposure and guidance and the very less probability of making it to the next level further decreases the chances and increases the competition. The one who practices from heart and religiously as per the requirement would have chances of succeeding.

How do emotions come in between ?

This is a very logical thing. The aftereffects of whatever happened with you and of your thoughts are emotions which come out as the physical gestures, facial expressions and are more perceptible to the outer world and further reaction from you family, friends ,colleagues etc make you more conscious and further have a say in your performance at work etc.

It may be good or bad depending on the situations but if nature of your work is bit ruthless and demand a proper cognition then you would need to be ruthless towards you as well.You may have a fight at home before you leave for work, or you are having a crush on a boy/girl and thinking about the same think over the time and fantasising about the same doing nothing will definitely decrease your performance if you are not strong enough to hold your patience to the things and to your work as well.

What to do with emotions?

The whole game is about the priority as it would be wrong to say that you carry on the work without thinking about the health of your family members who may be having serious health conditions as you need to keep that in your priority and at the same time if you are lost in distractions or fantasies then it would be a problem as at work you are not considering what you should do and what is required for you to work and there are times when you would need to have much of the attention day and night on the things to get them done and you are not only avoiding the opportunity but also putting your own future at stake as this may have other consequences as well.

solution :

Well a person does what he finds important. Let me give you a live example from your own life. As a child when playing video games, the only thing was to go level up and finally boom. This required continuous efforts as well. Now see this video

This video showed the continuous efforts on the game by the user to finish it and the efforts were continuous only due to the determination he/she showed for that. Similar for your work which is going to decide your future and lifestyle and nature of work/job. You need to have a point focus towards it to gain an edge over the other competitors.

This is the time where you can do better where others are still missing something. Here your smart work, determination etc would come into play which itself needs to be kept at higher priority.

P.S : I would make some updates to this as per new possibilities or anything that would seem missed out.

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stay uplifted 🙂

Time waste and garbage collection

Keeping it simple and short from the start itself. Time waste and garbage collection.

Do not waste time on the person X, Y, dog, cat, snake etc. who might be there and distracting you every now and then except your loved ones. You will become older, and less efficient than before, as simple as that.
Time waste and garbage collection
A time may come where you would want to go the past to undo somethings because of lack of attention back then.

The combination of random thought in you plus the energy is a very low probability which comes once in the ‘X’ years. God knows, with that energy and flow when will you occur next time. Expecting human cadre ? lol

Simply there might be the emotional attachments and other things that are keeping you down and you are not able to come out of it. Do not come out of it as you have to traverse the way of coming back.

Just take the corner and get lost in the jungle to explore yourself once again.
Those emotional things will neutralize automatically as the time is a very powerful thing which is often underestimated.

Remember Time machine is not there and would never be.

your power

It’s never amateurish to be a pro BJP, pro INC etc., at times you may be following them due to their ideologies,or just coz a local leader is your friend(observed more prominent) or coz your family has been supporting a particular party, so will you.

Now, here comes the media as well which usually help you from getting out of the dilemma to become biased. Now you can watch their debates comfortably with those evening snacks. This is good as you get a reason to follow but the reason is not yours and ultimately you will end up pushing that ballot just because you are supposed to do that or you’re still influenced by that no so good looking XYZ party spokesperson said something unjust to you.
Here realize your own power and credibility because this one party might be there for another term and their one wrong step by a party representative and you would curse the whole party which is justified as he is answerable, but WHAT DO WE GET ?
Just realize the power of that one push button that decides how you yourself will be leading ahead.

Mistake is a mistake only if it’s not repeated or We all are mistaken.

P.S. : Some people may be way happy to feel the demonetisation adrenaline, while others cursing it.
Some people may be happy with their state(hope you get it) and our Union govt. and some may not be.
But the term ends and can be renewed after fresh elections(nothing new).
You decide !

How perception creates values

Right from our childhood days we are used to accept the things as facts irrespective of its credibility and at times no second thought condition being it suffices our needs and greed as well.

By the time we grew, the phases of teenage, transformation of a school kid to a college adult and further as professionals, we tend to realize the world is not the same as we use to see it, the so called “comfort zone”  had been allowing us to see the things we want to from a considerable distances with its changes not acknowledged into our traits. Things become more and “more clear” when we live in that zone and become a part of the aroma that could never be sensed from the parting distance.

Th Over the time as a student, value of being a professional seemed to be a life of “study-free” where we will be paid for the work unlike studies etc. This is how perception creates the value as when the same person becomes a professional and feels the aroma, realizes the work stress, performance graph, competition, no chance of human error which at times were neglected and pardoned. The perception here takes a 180° turn and past memories of college life busts the stress  at times. Now the value of the same professionalism is now the motivation for the future success and promotions since here as well the perception is creating the values for the upcoming “tags” which may be a success with thorns and bushes as the joy of “better” wouldn’t allow the perception to change and thus the values running after it and so on.

P.S : Due to the shortage of time, I would update the post in same chronology, by the time keep thinking and comment below with your suggestions and past experiences.
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Final call

Wherever you are and whatever you might be doing for long, fighting to succeed. The things will definitely seem easy at firsthand and there’s lot to avoid including those criticism fuzz over and over from some non-productive elements on the ball.

The value is not of something materialistic achieved but the sustainable traverse of the path meandering over one side to the other being the most uncertain.

Let the fuzz reflected towards the black hole and discover your interior gizmo every now and then to make yourself more “productive” and your work “sustainable”.

Thank You.