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Here i am talking about the people who indulge into technology and seek for a well paid career in the same i.e career for the techies . Well before starting with anything It has to be understood that life isn’t that easy that we think it is when we are trying to make something big in actual and otherwise it is easy.

Since we almost decide our career before going to  high school and so but many of us are already a step ahead. For those who think that they have been working in the technology and want to move ahead in it then it is the time for them to think again and then take the decision of life that could be a turning point.

Once we decide to go into the technology work, what we do is try and hit, and learn simultaneously. Then the option comes as graduating in digital technology and computers. Its better to get into some good engineering college as the college and the peer there will give you a professional thinking and will also give you a competition that you will never face when you learn alone.

After completing all this stuff, the question arises “what next”?

Before you can answer you would already get a job as an engineer, as the company knows that you might know things or might not ! But things are way too ahead to our thinking and we think in a limited are about the work that will be allotted and so on. But the question is still a question “mnc or anything else”?

well to answer that you have to be smart enough by yourself as you have completed a journey this long and you must have got enough reasons to answer the same, but what I would do is making things easy…..

companies are smart enough and they know it better than you how to get work from an employee and they have got the work too. Think one thing, if the company is paying you a large amount as a salary to you then it is definitely generating a lot of revenue from it and thus your work is worth more than you are paid. Then the question that again comes is “then what else?”

Well if you don’t know then it should be known that there are a lot of other options that you can watch out for and work on the same and one of it is simply work for yourself. It is obvious that you may or may not earn well in start but after a long time you would get to know about what you need to and how, in order to generate more revenue. It will make you more responsible and at the same time your decisions will have a direct impact on your work and at the same time your financials also either positively or negatively and the rest is in your hands.

These days there exist a lot of options to consider but talking about all of them at once might confuse a person. Take time, decide what next and comment below so that I would  know when to update the “next”.

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  1. I felt, I knew almost half the content but I didn’t realize implementing it into my real life.
    Thanks for the info and the support !

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