your power

It’s never amateurish to be a pro BJP, pro INC etc., at times you may be following them due to their ideologies,or just coz a local leader is your friend(observed more prominent) or coz your family has been supporting a particular party, so will you.

Now, here comes the media as well which usually help you from getting out of the dilemma to become biased. Now you can watch their debates comfortably with those evening snacks. This is good as you get a reason to follow but the reason is not yours and ultimately you will end up pushing that ballot just because you are supposed to do that or you’re still influenced by that no so good looking XYZ party spokesperson said something unjust to you.
Here realize your own power and credibility because this one party might be there for another term and their one wrong step by a party representative and you would curse the whole party which is justified as he is answerable, but WHAT DO WE GET ?
Just realize the power of that one push button that decides how you yourself will be leading ahead.

Mistake is a mistake only if it’s not repeated or We all are mistaken.

P.S. : Some people may be way happy to feel the demonetisation adrenaline, while others cursing it.
Some people may be happy with their state(hope you get it) and our Union govt. and some may not be.
But the term ends and can be renewed after fresh elections(nothing new).
You decide !